Ranch Land Property Management & Service Solutions
About Us
SOT Property Solutions is owned and operated by Jeff Sellers.  Our offices are based in Marble
Falls, Texas but we are always on the road taking care of customers.

Jeff grew up working his grandfathers cattle ranches and helping with crops. Jeff quickly learned that
the ranch life was the only way to go.  Jeff worked for NASA for a period of time and realized he
wanted to be back on the ranch.  SOT property Solutions was born out of a need for ranch services
and based on Jeff's experience a new customer service opportunity was born.

Jeff owned his own 2,000 acre hunting ranch and lives on a ranch today. Jeff is passionate about
customer service and hold old school values.

We are FAA licensed for Drone Operations

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 279, Marble Falls, Texas 78654
Jeff Sellers - (830) 613-8926 - e-mail